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one of my favourite app, but please, update for ios7


it say over 500,000 downloads but there is only 7 reviews so that is a lie-.- but a ok app

1 Cool Filter

Liked Fotoception filter and hi-res output!!! Too many photo filer apps out there, this app should focus on unique filters where other apps does not have...

I hate it

It's that simple.

It's pretty good.

It's a tad lacking in features, but it's a very well designed app! It has a nifty interface & very fast to edit how can you resist its Aperture icon😁

this photo app is the best

It's an easy to use creative tool. I especially like being able to snap a photo, add the flare and share on facebook right away.

Fantastic filters

Basic app that applies great looking filters. No adjustment so it is a limiting app. I don't remember if I paid for this app or if I got it free during a promotion. I think I downloaded this app for free because I doubt I would have paid $1.99 for it.


It's ok needs more


Fast response for quick editing. Not much effects to choose, otherwise it will be perfect.

Fun app

Like the usability

Worth it, but needs work

Worth it for the CMYK halftone, glass tiles, and pixelated filter options alone. They're great. But please give a borderless option for each filter - I hate borders! Needs a hi-res save option as well. I'd give it 5 stars if these were added.

Really Good

One of my heavily used apps


Nice app but I don't see anything that really stands out. :/ most things you can find in other outstanding apps.

Easy & fun

For quick editing, it is easy & fun to use.

Cool, but needs more filters

I especialy like the tile effect, but the other filters are somewhat lacking..


How do you make the sunrise using other photos? It's not on there. Love the app tho

Great effects :: Small Res

Images resized to a teeny 960 x 720. That's unfortunate.

mediocre app

no reason keeping in my iphone


Awesome app.. Just love it ..

Almost perfect

The only thing i want to know is why the fotoception filter is not using my pics from my camera roll Edit: the location services did not fix! Want to use this feature!! Fix asap For now am using Photo Mosaica Does what i want.

Best photo app Ive used.

You can take a pic, edit or crop, and send to friends via email, txt, etc. LOVE THIS APP

Great app

I love this app for being fast and powerful and for allowing me to share pictures with friends and family via different ways.


This app is super cool and makes my pix so amazing, just wish there were more options. Plus I downloaded it because of the mosaic option. But I don't seem to have it. Please have a new update with more options?!


I started using this app immediately and it's made my pics 10x cooler :)

Nothing new

I just wish there were more unique filters to make this program stand out! There is just nothing here that can't be found in a better app.

Love it!

Great photo app

Well designed app

That's near perfect app with cool effects which make your pictures look better

Aperture Science

Why did you steal the Aperture Science logo?

Hello Aperture Science Laboratories

At first I downloaded it just to say how eerily similar this logo looks to Aperature's and how I'm surprised only one person commented about it Then I tested out the app and it's not half bad. I will be keeping it. Thanks GLaDOS :)

App crash

Overly simple filters. For the special filters can't be used as every time I try to use it, half way thru the load app crashes.. That's why it is 1 star. (ios5 4s no background apps)

Where is the mosaic function???

I don't know if I am missing something but I don't see anything about the mosaic filter in this app? Some people help me out


This app is so basic it's lame. I wish I could say dif.

Not impressed

Other free apps do a much better and more unique job. Don't waste the time to download.

Developer again... Regarding Location

I wish the app could access your pictures in the library for the library without Location permission, but iPhone requires it to ask for this. The reason being the Camera geo-tags all your pics, and the app could potentially access this meta-data to track where you've been. I PROMISE, Fotoyaki DOES NOT use this information, and NEVER WILL! I wish there was a way to access just the images, but currently, as the iOS sdk stands, there isn't any. And thus, the app has to have Location Access for the mosaic effect to work. Please be kind at reviewing... As always... Go Foto!!!

Forced location.

I shouldn't have to turn on location feature for mosaic. I have it off for a reason. There is no reason it needs it.

Simple, easy and awesome UX

Great job! Loving the simplicity, ease of use and seamless user experience. Highly recommend!

Nicely done

Simple easy I like it!


I got this app for the photomosaic feature, but it doesn't work! The other effects are pretty simple. Definitely not great, but at least it was free.

Just Amazing !!!!

this App is too Faster + easy + cool effects + reliable Quality = FOTOYAKI

- 2 stars for No Mosaic Feature!!

Nice app. Nice filters. BUT minus 2 stars for no Mosaic Feature. There is no clear way to create mosaics from your photo library. If there is its not very clear on how to do it. Worth a DL for nice filters but don't DL if you wanted to create Mosaic Collage from your photo library ❕❕👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Really nice!

Nice UI, very easy to use functions. It's great!

No need to download.

Not good -_-;; Boring things.


How do I make a mosaic


Is this the sigh for portal???


I love the cool effects, the simplicity of it and the ease of use. LOVE the little blurbs/comments :)))

Simple, Useful, Witty, & Free!

Great simple photo effects app! Clean UI, fast processing with awesome witty comments (A+), useful for fast sharing! App offers great features without the overly frills and complicating issues, making it extremely useable! Thank you for a great app and look forward to future effects and updates!!

Off to a good start

Simple easy to use and small app size. Need more fx

The logo seems to be very inspired by Aperture Science

...right down to the exact number of triangles. Interesting.


DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! There. That's all I needed to say. Well, except the part where I talk about how the filters are awesome, and that the U.I. is crazy smooth. (Plus, the funny little blurbs between each filter transition gives this App some individuality & character). No disappointments at all. Worth every 'cent'. (jk, it's FREE).

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